kit and ace supper club

I am still buzzing from this.

A few nights ago, I was invited to a Kit and Ace Supper Club dinner, an intimate gathering of strangers, brought together to engage in Real Talk. I had no idea what to expect when I got the nod, but my pre-party anxious excitement was paralleled by my post-party excitement high. It was as incredible as I imagined it would be.

These dinners are a philosophy’s of Kit and Ace, typically hosted in conjunction with a new store opening. With their second local location opening in Kenwood at the end of the month, this dinner served as the celebration for that. However, the whole point of the night was to bring together inspiring people, those who are doing all sorts of different things around this city, and allow an opportunity to get to know each other.

Before I go into detail about the night (as there are so many amazing things to detail), I have to address how simply special this evening was. How often do you have the opportunity to sit down and dine with ten strangers? And seeing that we were all basically strangers, we all approached it in the same way – open and willing. This evening turned on something inside me that will percolate through all that I am trying to do, both here on this blog and in many other parts of my life. I’m so inspired. So fired up.

Kit and Ace dinnerWhat also added to my tidal wave sense of excitement was where this event was held. I discovered The Mockbee on Instagram a few weeks ago and have been dying to find myself there since. It is currently only an event space, so my only opportunity would have been by invitation. That invitation ultimately came and what an invitation it was.

Kit and Ace Supper Club dinner Kit and Ace at the MockbeeThe dinner that followed also rounded out my trifecta feelings of I can’t believe this is happening. It was a three-course experience with Ryan Santos. Santos (and his soon-to-be restaurant Please) are also #instastalkings of mine that I’ve been dying to get in on. With Santos only offering small pop-up dinners around town, I’ve totally been missing out. Until now.

Ryan Santos pop-up dinner soupNow of course each dish we had was incredible, but my retellings are going to be pathetic. There were no menus, just Santos talking us through each option as casually as a cool unreal talent would do. I was so laser-focused on not letting my giddiness escape while he talked, that I only caught the general stuff. First course? Green stuff in a bowl.

I will say I recall every description basically ending with “…from Ryan’s garden.” This soup is made with greens from Ryan’s garden and the mint in this appetizer is from Ryan’s garden and the elderflower is from the garden. Farm to table, garden to table, terracotta planter to table, whatever, I’m in.

Ryan Santos pop-up dinner swordfishOur main course was swordfish with asparagus. So simple but all together perfect. Each individual bite alone felt honest, just straight up what it was supposed to be, but the combination of veggie, fish, and sauce as one was dynamite. I was the absolute last person to finish because I took.my.time.

Ryan Santos pop-up dinner buckwheat cakeDessert was a slice of buckwheat and rhubarb cake, with an elderflower whipped topping. While this was dry and dense, the rhubarb and whipped topping added the exact moist and fluffy texture to round it out as a sweet final note. (Shout out to Derrick who snapped this great pic👊🏻)

Again, this was an incredible evening, one filled with humbling and cool company, and finely crafted food. Our conversations were very real and authentic (right guys? inside joke), prompted by a scattering of Real Talk cards. These cards posed thought-provoking and revealing questions that allowed us to dig deeper than the polite pleasantries strangers might exchange under the circumstances. Each revealed so much and it was an honor to take part.

I can’t say enough about this, but I have to end with a major and total and super super thanks to Betsy Wecker for the invite. She has the lucky good fortune to work for a company that encourages and supports events like this. (Betsy – If this night, and all that you do, isn’t confirmation that you are a serious part of something awesome, I don’t know what is – you rock.)


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  • Reply Danielle May 6, 2016 at 11:15 am

    My husband I had the chance to go to one of the Please popups in the fall. It was so quaint and the food was amazing. Like you, the biggest takeaway I got from it was that everything was either grown by Santos, preserved by Santos, or handpicked from a farmer of Santos’ choosing. He’s definitely got the farm to table thing down! This dinner experience sounds amazing!

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    LOVE everything about this!

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