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I was just having a conversation with my friend who is expecting (sup Preeti) about whether or not I got a designer baby bag. I shared that while it was a major wish list idea of mine, I never ended up pulling the trigger.

For one, I could never really settle on a style and/or name brand that seemed worth it. For two, with utility and style in mind, I also couldn’t find one that I truly liked (they all felt like computer bags to me). Off the bat, I made this bag work (and I still do more often than not), then I quickly picked up this backpack as a test drive for the style, and not shortly after, committed the kid to this one. Therefore, now when I think about packing anything for Harry, I only think about doing it via backpack.

So when I had an opportunity to grow Harry’s collection by a few new Kipling backpacks, I was excited by the prospect, all the while keeping both my style and need in mind. Since we’re all always on the go, go, go, I knew I needed something sleek and mobile to tote around. I decided on the Caity backpack as a perfect compact option for daily use and weekends at the grandparents, while I anticipate the Sanaa will be seeing many an airport and city. Both are totable and totally adorable and I can’t wait to put them to great use, both for myself and for the little guy.

Kipling backpacks Kipling travel backpacks Kipling rolling backpack Kipling travel backpack Kipling travel backpack in black Kipling featureThe Caity (in pearl) + The Sanaa (in black) c/o Kipling (thanks Kipling!)

images by Annie Jagoditz

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