july fourth festivities

After taking a good and necessary break from blogging last week in order to get our house packed up before we, you know, have a baby and then move literally four days later, I am feeling well-rested and energized to get back to all things fun and normal with life. And while I somewhat hesitated sharing this after the fact, I have to come back after July 4th with deets from the Northside Parade and our awesomely long and well-celebrated weekend.

First, the Northside Parade once again proved to be the greatest spectacle in town. It is literally the most fun, hilarious, nonsensical, hodge podgiest parade I’ve ever attended. And if I can be so blunt, I woke up that morning feeling a little less than enthused about all the patriotism celebrating – it has just been a hard year to have all the feel-good American feels. But after attending one local neighborhood parade in the morning and then making the point to head to Northside, it totally all came back. Spending time at the Northside Parade honestly made me feel the most pride about being American. And while there are so many reasons why I feel that way, the simplest reason is because it is the biggest celebration of diversity – and I am talking all types. Not only were there so many colors in both the parade and crowd, but there were a litany of lifestyles and ages. In fact, the age ranges were something that stuck out to me the most. This is a parade that involves everyone – and everyone is energetic – there are young people and old just doing their thing in the most honest way. That is what makes celebrating this country feel right.

And the parade, which seemingly has no criteria, is just the greatest mix of what.ev.er. There is loud music and cheering and marching bands and floats that are nothing more than paper mache on shopping carts. At one point we saw a taxi and we weren’t sure if it was part of the parade or simply someone employing the services. At the Northside Parade, either explanation would make sense. But that is what makes it so fun – you never know what is coming next and every time a new group passes by, you enjoy it for its uniqueness and unadulterated hilariousness.

So if you attended this year then you know, and if you did not, it is not too early to put it on the books for next year because it is the parade that should make you feel amazing about what this country can stand for.

And while the parade was definitely one of the bigger highlights, this weekend was nothing short of a celebration of cookouts. We literally hung out with our friends for three straight days, and every day involved a cookout. Being in town with friends with nothing but burgers on the grill as plans was as amazing as a staycation can be. Harry was also such a fun trooper and partier and he too enjoy the indulgences of each and every party.

This weekend was just one of those really really good ones and what is wild is to think that we’ve got quite a few other good ones (and really really big ones at that) on the not-so-distant horizon, so let the keeping on keep keeping on!

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