holiday parties

Kenny and I just recently hosted a dinner party to kick of the holiday season of gathering and get togethering.

Now I don’t know about you, but it is always right around this time that all the friend and family groups that we know and love make points and plans to get together in some festive capacity. There are always dinner parties and dinners out and happy hours and house parties to host and attend, and while it’s a lot, it’s also a lot of fun.

I personally look forward to this time because I get to ponder party outfits and jewelry accents galore, and with so many commitments, there are always so many styles to consider.

For the party we just recently hosted, I went casual with the matching Monrow sweater set from Capsule. And since I love this look and idea so much, I’ve been searching for more. I have my eye on this snazzy set (top + bottom), but am also considering this route (top + bottom) for another cozy-but-classy house dinner affair.

I also like to zhuzh it up given the holidays, so I am considering dresses and dresses. But I also know thy self and love skirts like this, paired with sweaters like these. I also love splurging on a top like this to dress up denim like this.

Again, whether it’s a cocktail dress, a skirt and a sweater, a sweater skirt and a sweater, or a supped up top to pair with a trusty pair of jeans, I know that as much as I look forward to hanging with the ones I love, I look forward to the dressing up.

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