happy birthday louise

Louise is officially one today.

And again, it is both absolutely right and wholly unbelievable all at the same time. But when it comes to Louise, all I can say is that she makes complete and utter sense. She is the daughter I was desperate to have, a little sister in the best and most sturdy of ways, and the kind of girl you just want to be around. I can honestly say she has never once made me mad. She is easy, resilient, go with the flow, and sweet. She basically only smiles and she does so with her entire face. She’s dancey and squeezy and every bit a Weezie. One year down and she fits right in.

So today, I will again soak it all up. We’ll be doing whatever she wants, which means doing whatever Harry is doing. But today, I look forward to all the love that will come her way. I’ve said before that Harry saved my life, and I know Louise completes it. I honestly can’t believe my luck.

So happy birthday Weezers. Here’s to you being everyone’s best friend.

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