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It has been one year since moving into our home.

And as it goes with home ownership, we had things we wanted to do right away (paint), things we needed to do right away (furniture), things we were hoping to do right away (carpet), and things we are planning to do down the road (bathroom reno). And while there were fun things to do and not so fun things to do, there were also things we needed to do that cropped up along the way that we didn’t do fast enough. One of those things was hiding mounted television wires.

If I had a dollar for every time I looked at Kenny throughout this last year and said we have got to hide these wires, I might have a hundred dollars at this point. So yes, we moved in, threw the tvs up on the wall, and let the tendrils and tangles of all the cords stare us down for the better part of a year.

And I don’t think us sitting on this project was anything more than we didn’t know exactly what to do. Of course, things seem so easy when you have no idea what it entails. (Can’t these just disappear into the wall and get out of my face? I’d ask. We’ve launched people into outer space for crying out loud!) So I consulted my dad, the handiest man I know. We asked friends for recommendations when we noticed their televisions just floating up on their walls, as if suspended by magic. But ultimately nothing got moving and we never got a good lead. And then Handyman Connection reached out.

Handyman Connection is a one stop shop for all of your fix it needs. This company helps coordinate and facilitate a handyman to come out and take care of whatever it is you many need. When they contacted me asking if I’d like try out their services, getting any job I might need done, my cup of coffee nearly slide right out of my hand. Had they been reading my diary? FBI, you are listening, aren’t you?!

So of course I promptly responded with Halp! I have wires and I hate their guts! and within a week, I had a handyman come over, talk me through exactly what he believed he could do, and the following week he was here and getting to work.

Here are the befores from our master bedroom, the wires that were the bane of my existence…

Please note the “artfully” placed dried lavender and baby Harry portrait, as well as the faux fiddle to help “disguise.”

So yeah, I needed that junk to go bye-bye.

Handyman Connection scheduled Josh to come out, determine the scope of the job, and then bid the price of the work itself, which is another nice thing about going this route. Handyman Connection charges by the job, not by the hour, so what gets charged is what it costs, regardless of how long it takes. Because we were doing a few different things, they actually scheduled Josh to be here three days if need be, yet he was able to take care of these wires and this work in just a day and a half. He is also coming back to finish the exposed wires in our living room, but that is happening due to a back order of a part. Regardless, I knew what we were getting into and I appreciated knowing that the project would be taken care of from start to finish as one complete job.

So again, what was plaguing me for almost a year got taken care of in a day and a half thanks to Handyman Connection. Working with them in this regard was very awesome. They were super thorough about being in contact with me every step of the way. I received phone calls and email confirmations and text alerts, all to make sure we were being kept abreast of the situation. Each person I spoke to was friendly and knowledgeable and wildly accommodating, which of course goes the longest way. And then on top of that, Josh was incredibly professional and personable and ultimately went above and beyond for us on a number of occasions. I couldn’t be more pleased with this company, this experience, Josh, and the work that ultimately got done. High five emojis all around.

And now some afters…

See! Look! Miracles! Magic! Adios wire muchachos!

Yes, there is still a small pool of wires in the corner, however those have been organized and placed in an unobstructing container behind the chaise, never to be heard from again.

Again, we’ve been dying to get this taken care of and then we learned there is a company out there in the world that helps take care of business just like that. Batta boom, batta bing, Handyman Connection for the win. To set up your own appointment call 513-282-0050 or visit here!

Thanks again to Josh and Handyman Connection for the opportunity to share and experience your services. We’re super appreciative! 

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