groovy gumball

I was gifted a bag full of candy to try from Groovy Gumball Candy Co, located in the village shops of Mariemont, and now here are two truths and a lie:

  • I ate almost fifty percent of the assortment of gummies before I snapped any pictures because I have zero self control.
  • I set aside the rest of the fifty percent to share with Harry and a little buddy friend of his, in order to snap some cute pictures, but I soon discovered that Kenny (the dad adult) and his buddies had eaten that stash before I had the chance.
  • I didn’t want to like the #trumphair because I am vehemently opposed to him on literally every single solitary front, but dagnabit, it was delicious.

The lie is that there is no lie and all are true. And while there was a smattering of sweetie sweets to snack on, including chewies, hard candies, and chocolates, I was most digging the gummies, in particular this little rainbow piece with a creamy center. That is one I will be making a trip for.

So if your sweet tooth starts singing and you are in the area, bypass ol’ Graeter’s and make your way to Groovy Gumball to give yourself that sugar high.

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