ghouls night

ghouly candlesYesterday I was in my closet crafting awesomely cliché holiday outfits (think buffalo print with red plaid with fur) and I was getting super excited because there’s just so much to look forward to. But before I jump the gun on that one, I need to back it up to the past for one second and share Ghouls (and a Boo) Night.

I heard about Ghouls (and a Boo) Night last year when my local short list friend Anne Erpenbeck hosted a girls (plus a boy) gathering in the spirit of Halloween. I thought that was it. That it was just a little thing she decided to do on a whim but apparently that’s not the case. Ghouls Night has been Anne’s love child since college and is quite frankly, a very serious party. Upon learning all this, I was even more excited to get the nod to attend this year.

How was the night in a word? Hilarious. Everyone came bearing gifts of food and drink and dressed in either costume or Halloween jammies. The best part about the whole night, which warrants the post alone, is the attention to witty-named details. Nothing was just dip or a sandwich. It was either ghoulamole or hannibal hammies or cannibal cake. Incredible.

There were also games. Name your proudest Halloween costume. Drink if a Frozen trick-or-treater stops by. Spooky Charades. Drink when the mustache stuck on the tv lines up on a face, or creates a unibrow. I mean, it was endless.

We laughed all night, told stories, chatted each other’s ears off, ate way too much of things way too delicious, and then engaged in an unofficial karaoke session, which means I pretty much had the time of my life.

troll pee the hamburglar ghosts in the graveyard Olfas ghouly shots ghoul candle hot air balloon racer drunk'n worms ebola vampire blood pumpkin barf Myrtle(I mean seriously…no detail left out…)

charades ghouls Are You Afraid of the Dark mustache game unibrow game mustache ladiesIf there are mustaches left over at the end of the night and they don’t end up on your face, something’s gone terribly wrong.

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