FASTer way to fat loss recap

I have a lot to say because I am feeling awesome.

I just completed a seven-week FASTer Way to Fat Loss program with Allie Janszen. I shared my initial thoughts before starting via Instastories, but I’d like to recap them here in case you missed, as well as to give some context to my post-completion thoughts and results.

For one, I decided to join mostly as a challenge. I wasn’t unhappy with my body, I didn’t feel like I had any significant weight to lose, I maintained a healthy and controlled diet, I had a workout routine that I loved, and given all those accounts I didn’t think this program was for me.

But then I started seeing pictures, before and afters of both Allie and client testimonials. Friends of mine joined on and I was clued in to a bit more about what it was all about. Allie had been in contact with me before, months before actually, and while initially I didn’t think I was interested, she came back right before summer and I thought, why not? I had nothing to lose (and I mean that almost literally) and yet I thought maybe I could experience some change that I didn’t expect. And if that happened, that would be awesome. So I signed on.

Being now on the other side of those seven weeks I have both so much and so little to say. Simply put, I saw results, sweet results, almost immediately. I very quickly shed a handful of vanity pounds, and those pounds have stayed off for weeks now (which includes going on a two-week vacation where I was indulging when I wanted to). Because of that, I have to admit that there is definitely something to this program. I haven’t dipped below a certain number on the scale in years and I always assumed the number I am currently at would take a lot of work. But since I am there, and it hasn’t really felt like that much work, I have to admit that one or more of the new changes that I’ve made with FASTer Way must really and rightfully work.

On that note, the thing that I love the most about this program is the intermittent fasting. This is simply restricting yourself to an eight-hour eating window, in order to give your body sixteen hours of fasting (obviously the majority of those hours being while sleeping). In doing so, you allow your body a good amount of time to not burn calories from the food consumed, but rather from fat. Given that this was the newest, most drastic change I implemented for myself, it is hard not to attribute most of the success to this, and while I am sure it is the combination of some of the other parts of the program as well, I know this eating cycle will be what I maintain consistently moving forward.

But beyond the pounds I’ve dropped, there is another, even more satisfying result that I’ve experienced the entire time – I haven’t felt bloated in weeks. Seriously, since the very beginning, I have just felt so comfortable in my gut. I am eating and enjoying and yet I am not stuffed or bloated in the slightest. That alone keeps me focused, that alone keeps me fasting, that alone keeps me carb cycling and balancing. I feel like I have a routine diet now that is a bit more expansive than what I was doing before, and yet again, I am down both weight and stuffed-ness. That kicks A.

There is also a lot more to the program than I am giving it credit. There is the extremely knowledgeable support of Allie every.single.day. She is there to watch, coach, and inform you on decisions getting made each day. There is also the accountability and the support of the group you get put into. Each day there are updates with exclamation points and pictures and questions and suggestions. Being involved with a group while doing this program makes it very much worth it.

Take all that, plus the doable at-home workouts, as well as the ability to do what you need given life, and you’ve got yourself a killer little program. I am sure if you did every last thing that the program outlines for the duration of seven weeks you would see insane results. I kept it balanced with the things I liked to do (I still went to Barre3 classes and drank because it is summer) and yet I feel like I’ve made a significant change for the better. I made the kind of change to get my body to the happiest its ever been, and that alone keeps me singing its praises. While I won’t be doing another official round, I will be maintaining the things I’ve learned moving forward. I am an avid faster now because it just feels too good. Even on the days when I’ve let myself go (hi July 4th), I’ll just go ahead and give myself a bigger fasting window the next day, and I find myself feeling better sooner and faster. So if it isn’t clear enough already, I am a firm intermittent faster convert.

There is plenty more I could talk about with you or for you, however I will sit back and get into it only if you inquire. Because while I could talk about it given my experiences, you could also simply turn to Allie to learn more, or better yet, sign up.

In fact, she just opened up registration for a new round, so now is a perfect time and opportunity to either change yourself, challenge yourself, or treat yourself to program that I can say will help change you in the most energizing and exciting of ways.

I honestly feel absolutely great and am SO GLAD I gave this one a chance. Again, it is hard not to admit that Allie and FASTer Way To Fat Loss is on to something seriously awesome.

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