family portraits with bird & rose

It has been four years since we officially sat down as a family for portraits with Katie from Bird + Rose Photography.

While I’ve had the good fortune of meeting and using a number of other photographers, many of whom have delivered me some of my most treasured captures (looking at you Inspired by TLC and Kristin Weinburg), Katie has been my most consistent personal and family photographer, therefore to see my family grow in front of my eyes- through her lens eyes – is a gift beyond measure.

This time we went studio session style, which I absolutely loved. These pictures were both what I was hoping and wishing for in my mind’s eye, while also being even better than what I could have imagined. I wanted this session to be “formal” – formal in that we were clearly posed, yet posed without being stuffy. I also wanted this to feel “official” – where we “modeling” as a family, while also very much being our family selves. Again, I think these nail all of the above.

Seriously, our date with Katie was such an enjoyable one, and these pictures will be treasured forever. There are also more where this came from, but right now indulge me as I indulge myself and share this first set out.

And then per the styling, we all of course sported spiffy white sneakers. Mine here, but know I also have this pair and this pair en route, which too would have looked awesome. I then wore a cream sweater knotted with silky midi skirt. Everyone else went pretty classic – Ken with chambray and denim, Harry in the buff plaid and khaki, and Weezer’s in a knit and some tights that were all her own (if you look really close, you may spot the spot with the hole!). We did do another round of pics after an outfit change (think flowy dresses and bare feet) but that’s for next time!

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