fall wardrobe do + redo

Without fail, it is always about this time that I start itching for a style refresh. I anticipate what I’ll want for fall, while looking for things that can work transitionally, since summer (and summer weather) is far from over. On the one hand, I know I am ready for something new at this point, but I also want to put in the time to find the pieces that I know I am going to want in seasons to come.

This year, I know there are certain looks and styles that I am still definitely leaning into (what’s up denim and white sneakers), but there are also things I know I need fresh ideas for (help with jackets! and jewelry!). Shopbop is my Steady Eddie when I know both exactly what I am looking for, while also needing to know what the new trends and styles are. So let’s explore some, shall we?

I am a sweater sweetheart through and through, and this one I just recently picked up locally from Idlewild Woman excites me because it is super thick and hangs heavily (which I like) but it is also in this bright chartreuse color and color is something I’m looking to explore more. Because color is something I’m looking to get into, I’ve been interested in these bold takes and this bold brand (in particular). I will however always gravitate towards some new neutrals (know thy self!) so I’m into these these two and these guys, but overall when it comes to sweaters, these are all what I am feeling.

Sneakers and jeans still feel really cool to me, and while I am ever the Mother Denim loyalist, I also have learned to really dig Pistola and AGOLDE, so I am keeping my eye on what they each have going on. I also think I want a few more “sportier” pairs of tennis shoes, and I am loving these, while also thinking it is time I go ahead and invest in these. Either way, I am continuing to stand by jeans and sneaks.

What I definitely need help with though are jackets, especially when it comes to lighter ones for fall and barely crisp days and nights. I am over utility, moto, and drape collar, and honestly, not as into blazers as I would have hoped. I feel like outside of all those, what do you do? I have this trusty denim one, and I’m (slightly) interested in shirt jackets but if anyone has some fresh ideas here, know I am all arms.

Finally I could use a fresh take on jewelry. I am pretty simple and minimalist across the board, and while I have a number of gold initial necklaces that I love, I am wondering what else I should do. Chains? Pendants (non-initial)? Stick with the delicates? Either way, I’d love to invest in a small number of styles here, just to breath some new life into my adornments.

All in all, I actually like the antsy-ness that comes with needing to outfit a new season because I am always down for the hunt, and I look forward to ideas new and old!

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