expect us

Here with another for my power feminist tee series. And this one is personal.

This tee was designed and conceptualized by my friend Maura Conine, owner of the Chicago boutique Capsule. Together with her friend Katie Brooks, Maura came up with the phrase ‘Expect Us’ as an expression of action rather than judgment, and then committed the proceeds of the sales to support Moms Demand Action and RAICES Texas. At this point, Maura has raised over $1,200 for the organizations and will continue to sell the last of her limited supply through the end of September. You can find info for the tee via Instagram.

For all the above reasons, and for the message behind the tee, you could for sure Expect Me to have told her to send me one immediately.

I now Expect You to do the same 👊🏻.

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