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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI sure hope you are comfortable because I’ve got lots to share. (And this is only a third of it. Dallas was that good.)

Hopefully you remember from Instagram that Kenny and I went to Dallas last last weekend to visit our friends Megan and Adam, who just recently relocated to the city. Using our anniversary as an excuse, we got out of town to be with our buds. And these are good buds. Last summer we took off for Europe for fourteen days with these two and it was one of the easiest, most fun vacations we’ve ever been on. Knowing these guys so well, Kenny and I knew we would be in for an insanely awesome time. That turned out to be an understatement.

We were there for four full days and I cannot even begin to tell you all that we packed in. Our first full day was actually the fourth and we decided to celebrate America by trying to go to every single bar that Dallas has to offer. I believe we only fell short by a few. There were a couple of spots that I liked so much that I am devoting whole posts to them later this week, so stay tuned for that. Today is the (long) overview.

First and foremost – their hotel apartment. I knew it would be nice given Megan’s unreal taste, but I could not believe how sweet it all really was. They are parked on the fourteenth floor of a super cool loft building, atop  a steakhouse, bowling alley, and pizza joint, just to name a few. And their “block” is made up of the second largest Whole Foods, Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and oh, just your usual Bloomingdales, Saks, and Nordstrom outlets trifecta. Literally, those are their neighbors. I slowly turned my dreamy gaze to Kenny and his read don’t even think about it.

Their place was gorgeous and their hospitality was unreal. We were treated to breakfasts of salmon and bagels and scones and fruit, then we snacked on cheeses and jams and dinned on slow-cooked beef and homemade slaw. We often play a game when we are all together which involves naming our favorite meals. The things these two were serving up at their home ranked high on my list.

cheese plate cream cheese and salmonI snapped a few pictures of Megan’s taste and decor as a bit of inspo. I am down for dressing myself but I don’t feel like I am good at dressing my house. I’m waiting until the next one to really get into it.

dried flowers home decor inspoNow, Megan and Adam had a lineup of hot spots to hit and their goal was nowhere average. They succeeded. Honestly, my two favorite things were actually the first and last things we did on the very first day and both will be shared later. But here is just a bit of what we did over the whole weekend.

One of the first experiences was The Rustic, where we all had goblets of Texas brewed brew. I left it up to Kenny to order for me and his pick was something Adam liked, and Adam’s pick was one that I preferred, so we switched and all was well.

Megan + Kenny + Adam at The Rustic The Rustic beers The Rustic DallasNext was a stop at Urban Taco for an array of salsas and a litany of margaritas. Three different salsas and some guacamole with mole on top served as the perfect snack as we snaked along the city. Now it appears as if Adam slugged four different drinks, but I assure you he was just sampling, as we all did. He just happened to be in the line of camera fire. As far as favorites go, the guacamole mole crushed the others and Megan won the best cocktail contest with the Mezcalita (Ilegal Mezcal Joven, Strawberry, Basil, Fresh Lime Juice). Muy delicioso.

Urban Taco salsa and guac margarita mix at Urban TacoAfter Urban Taco was The Standard Pour, a killer specialty cocktail spot. Their menu appeared old, weathered, and endless, and I found a drink that was right up my alley. The McKinney Quetzal (Hendricks, Kaffir Lime, Lime, Basil, Cucumber, Cranberry Shrub, and Lavender Bitters) was tasty and perfect. Take away from Dallas? I really like basil in my cocktails.

The Standard Pour precocktail(Kenny was introduced to amuse-bouche on our honeymoon and likes to drop the vocab whenever he can. When welcomed with the above complimentary predrinks, Kenny cheersed to amuse-bouche.)

The Standard Pour cocktails The Standard PourAfter The Standard Pour, we walked in the rain* to Black Friar Pub for a quick one. I don’t remember what I drank, not because the day was getting long, but because I tried another specialty drink, something orangey, and we were talking so much that I didn’t quite capture anything. It was a good stop nonetheless.

*Rain is a loose term. When we looked up from our table at TSP, it appeared to be coming down pretty hard. I said we should hold out because I didn’t want to get soaked, but when we walked outside, the drops felt like the babyist of spits of nothing. It was like you could see it but not feel it. It was mist at best.

Black Friar Megan + Adam at the Black FriarThis next part was the best. In Europe, Adam and I learned that we have identical palates. Oh, there is shellfish on the menu? We’ll both take it. All of it. Megan and Kenny? Not so much. Now I don’t know where I was, probably taking pictures somewhere, but apparently Adam and Megan were trying to decide on where to land for dinner. All I heard from Adam was we’ll let Katie be the tie breaker. Katie, would you like to go somewhere with peel-and-eat shrimp and oysters and seafood ecetera? I just LOLed and to Hook Line and Sinker we went. (Poor Megan. We basically ate seafood all day and she hates the stuff. She had a lot of crackers that day.)

Hook Line and Sinker shrimp Hook Line and Sinker oysters Hook Line and Sinker codThis next note is an event that did not fall on the same day as all that has been detailed above but it was one of the big spots of the weekend. Apparently brunching on Sunday is all the rage and we said well when in Rome and feasted on fried chicken and waffles from Max’s Wine Dive. I went with the breast atop a waffle, but Kenny opted for the chicken fried steak with gravy atop a waffle. Call him and ask him how that was. (Spoiler, he admitted it was delicious but did ask that we locate the nearest defibrillator upon exiting the restaurant.)

Max's Wine Dive mimosas for brunchObviously, there was tons of fun to be had but I feel like what I’ve shared only covers the half of it! The four of us just really enjoy going out for good food and good drinks with good company, and that’s exactly what this trip was about. Again, there were some seriously great spots that I want to share in more detail so make sure to check back in later this week for the full monty!

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