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I have been dying to share this one with you.

Back in the beginning of August, I attended a pop up dinner at Aster on Fourth. The dinner featured an all-female line up of chefs, mixologists, and vintners, and was spearheaded by the one and only Frances Kroner of The Sleepy Bee Cafe. I simply saw it advertised on Instagram and knew nothing else except I wanted to be there. I secured two reservations and ultimately had exactly the kind of experience I was hoping to.

I actually wrote about it as a feature for CityBeat, so I am going to direct you there to get the full and complete run down. However know this – the experience was amazing, the food was ridiculous, and getting to be a part of some of the ground work for the organization Kroner is starting is beyond excitement and words. So cool, all the way around.

So enjoy the snaps I myself took that night, and again, head to the CityBeat article for the rest of the deets.

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