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The folks all the way over at Clearly Kombucha in San Francisco were kind enough to send me a bit of their “booch” and even though I had to look up what kombucha was, I was definitely down to try it.

Turns out, kombucha is fermented tea and Clearly Kombucha aims to make “the most palatable and fun (not to mention authentic) kombucha possible.” What makes their booch authentic is the fact that it is hand-crafted, raw, brewed from whole leaf tea, and continuously fermented with their own SCOBY (mixed cultures of bacteria and yeast present during the production of kombucha).

It all sounded intense but the drink itself really wasn’t. I tried the Raspberry Ginger (my fav) and the Asian Pear. It is slightly sparkling, so there’s some bubble, and while it is tea, it doesn’t really taste like tea (which was great IMO because tea is really the only thing I don’t like). Both the raspberry ginger and pear flavors were subtle enough that they were present, but not bold enough to steal the show, which was nice. Neither drink was particularly sweet, but each had a bite that I can’t quite explain, but would describe as satisfying nonetheless.

Given that this was my first batch of booch, I have to say that I’m a fan and I look forward to trying more!

Clearly KombuchaThanks Clearly Kombucha for the booch!

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