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This is about to be a non-post post.

For my thirtieth, Kenny surprised me with a trip to New York City. It was completely over the top, unbelievably thoughtful, and just crazy stupid fun. I haven’t posted about it (nor did I insta-post anything during the weekend) because we made a conscious decision on our way up to not make every last thing blog fodder. We were there simply to enjoy.

However, I do now want to share one quick amazing thing, but it comes with a semi-long story. Kenny thought of ev.ery.thing. The trip was called a “shopping trip” because he knows there’s nothing I love more. And while there was plenty of that, there was also plenty of serious dining because as we all know, that is probably (actually) the one thing that I do love more. Now, each and every thing we did throughout the weekend was revealed to me with a card (and there were 30 total), and there was one that elicited my most authentically excitable joy. It was the card that said we had reservations at Blue Hill.

If you’ve watched Chef’s Table on Netflix and loved it like we did, you’ll know we’re talking about season one, episode two. If you haven’t watched Chef’s Table yet, you are super lucky and should begin binging immediately. And while season two has been out for a few weeks now, I’ve been saving them for some down time and can’t wait to indulge. I’ve also learned there are going to be two more seasons coming out this year and next. This is all wonderful news.

Below are just a few snaps that I tried to sneak at Blue Hill. I couldn’t not, but I was trying my hardest to play it cool and not be that girl / person / tourist. But every last thing we had was art. It was all beautiful, simple, surprising, and smart, and I’m not going to detail each dish and course because it just needs to live in my head as that one glorious time.

So really, this non-post post is just to brag that I’ve dined at a Chef’s Table and it is a Netflix series that you should watch. k.thanx.bye!

Blue Hill Blue Hill first course Blue Hill second course New YorkOh! And the above pic, plus the life is beautiful featured image, were snapped at our super cool, pop art hotel, Hotel Indigo. There was also this amazing piece in the main lobby…

Ludolow Street hotelSo cool.

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