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    Shopbop Black Friday Sale

    There’s nothing I love more than heading over to my *hearts* Shopbop page only to see almost each and every piece on sale. Let’s go! Use code HOLIDAY to score anywhere from 15 to…

  • outfit

    matching set

    Last year, Maura tried to get me into a matching sweater set and I wasn’t ready. I have no idea what was wrong with me then because this kind of look is so.dang.great. I…

  • outfit

    Shopbop Fall Style Event

    Shopbop is a long time fav of both me and the blog here (it is one that definitely helps keep the lights on!) and the Fall Style Event is always their best sale of…

  • outfit

    gold personalized necklaces

    Layering gold necklaces, those both subtle and more statement, has always been a steadfast trend in general, but it has definitely always been pretty much my only move when it comes to jewelry. I…