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    out in NYC

    I am always down to buzz around the big apple with my buddy on her buying trip. Maura, my dear friend and owner of Capsule, a local boutique located in Mariemont, tapped me as…

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    out at the baker’s table

    Oh ho ho, I really liked this one. I dined at The Baker’s Table for the first time a few Fridays ago. I had heard nothing but good things about the spot (people rave…

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    out at dear

    Dear, which just recently celebrated its one year anniversary, has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants around town. Located in Hyde Park Square (in what was formally Tellers), Dear is simply one of…

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    out at emery

    Emery is passionate about seafood. I am passionate about seafood. Therefore, I am passionate about Emery. Emery, the most recent restaurant of the Looking Glass Hospitality Group, opened in Mariemont Square just days before…