Burt’s Bees® favorite things

While the holiday gift giving season runs the gamut from gifts big and small, when it comes to little trinkets, little favorite things, know that I’ll be dropping a few Burt’s Bees® special gift sets into mine.

I honestly love all things Burt’s Bees® because of their commitment to natural ingredients. My kids basically sleep exclusively in Burt’s Bees® pjs, and my lips basically stay exclusively moisturized by the lip balms. And then from lotions to hand creams to cuticle creams to more, I am always quick to choose Burt’s Bees® because it is just a brand worth staying loyal to.

So if you feel the same way, know that you can find these exclusive gift sets and packages at your local Target retailer.

Product was provided c/o, however the expressed opinions are all my own. 

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