boca cadenza

I hope I am not the first to tell you about Boca Cadenza. If I am, I fear I won’t be able to do it sweet, sweet justice, so check out this promotional video to get hype.

This video was exactly how I learned of this exciting culinary experience, and of course it didn’t take long for Kenny and I to secure reservations. I was then lucky enough to write about it for City Beat (as I do from time to time), so instead of detailing it here again, I am going to send you over to my official review because that too will do it better justice. I do of course want to share pictures of the seven course meal, with wine pairings, that we splurged on because each and every element was gorgeous.

This first performance, Arc en Ciel, is running until Novemeber 5, and then there will be two more Cadenza performances that will run for a month each. You know I am going to try for the trifecta.

boca-cadenza-champangeboca-cadenza-caviarsurprise first course | Le Millesime Deux Mille Six champagne + Jerusalem caviar atop risotto

boca-cadenza-jasnieresboca-cadenza-arpege-saladsecond course | Pascal Janvier Jasnieres chenin blanc + Arpege salad

boca-cadenza-dielboca-cadenza-pastathird course | Schlossgut Diel riesling + crab truffle pasta

boca-cadenza-morgon boca-cadenza-halibutfourth course | Marcel Lapierre Morgon gamay + halibut

boca-cadenza-riecineboca-cadenza-pork-chopfifth course | Riecine sangiovese + lamb

boca-cadenza-pomerolboca-cadenza-beef-wellingtonsixth course | Chateau Gombaude Guillot Pomerol boreaux + beef wellington

boca-cadenza-sole-e-olena boca-cadenza-dessert boca-cadenza-chocolateseventh course | Isole e Olena chianti + passionfruit + dark chocolate


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