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What a weekend to be alive in Cincinnati.

I cannot believe how incredibly huge and successful Blink Cincinnati was. If you are local, I am sure you heard about it, saw it all over social media, and I sincerely hope you were one of the thousands to check it out. If you are not local, you have to let me brag on this city for a minute.

(photo cred: @cincyphil – a great local account to follow!)

Blink Cincinnati was a four day, 20+ block, light-art event / festival / extravaganza that showcased upwards of 75 different versions of light creativity, which included things like projection mapping on buildings and murals, art installations in parks, parking lots, and alleyways, interactive lighted displays, and musical performances. Never in my life have I ever seen this city more alive, and while I only made it out to a fraction of the event, for a fraction of the weekend, I know that it was representative of what it was like at nearly every spot, nearly every night. Good for you, Cincinnati, good.for.you.

Now, I was commenting on its awesomeness with a local friend / blogger / coworker, Mindy of Go There! Try That! when she made an excellent point. She too was blown away by the sheer mass of support, and recognized that it was really great to see this city come together as a huge community and engage in something positive and supportive. And she is so right.

To put it lightly, it’s been a pretty difficult year to feel proud of our country and culture. My blood boils on the daily with the newest nonsense that is our reality, and I just can’t believe that truly with all the excess that we actually do have, we just can’t get people to care about…people. But before I spiral back into the blackhole of anxiety, I want to be reminded of what Mindy said, and what transpired over the weekend. Again, this city came out in droves to support something incredibly cool and innovative. Possibility and promise shown as brightly as the thousands of lights, and we are lucky that as a city we did this this weekend. Again, way to go Cincinnati.

So to help myself stay hopeful and positive, I would just like to take today to share some stuff that I am personally digging, so that I can pay that attitude and energy forward, and remember that there is still some really good out there.

So with that, let me share a new blog that a local super woman just re-launched / revitalized. Betsy Leonidas is back at it with Mama’s Daily, a blog focusing on fitness, family, fashion-flair, and her freelance work as a marketing strategist. I was initially introduced to her via her major fundraising event, Polo for Babies, which I helped promote over the summer. We later met for a dinner and some beers, and talked about all things family, life, and blogging. That date was a pretty good one (and I was leveraging hard for a best friend-friendship-relationship) so I am happy to follow along and support another mama out there who is just getting at it from every direction. Go Betsy (and go find her on Instagram here).

Also, I received a totally inspiring email from another local super woman and I have to share it with you all. Megan Sullivan is the founder of With Grace B Bold, a company dedicated to making fashionable clothing for women who have undergone a mastectomy for the treatment of breast cancer. Those women who have had the surgery are always sent home with a surgical drain, and Megan has created signature and luxurious clothing that allows for the storing and concealing of that bag, making it both functional and fashionable.

In recognition of breast cancer awareness month, Megan just recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, and you can find that here. If you feel called to support this amazing cause, I highly recommend that you do so, as well as make yourself aware with what Megan has going on. Not only is it inspiring and smart, but I know it is something that affects countless numbers of us. I can imagine that this is something that many of us will find ourselves sharing and recommending to someone near and dear to our hearts.

And finally, quick shoutout to the sweetest Etsy shop, Sheep Farm Felt. I’ve had a couple DIY projects in mind that have called for some darling garland, and I’ve since ordered two strands from them. Besides the fact it all comes in the cutest packaging, the colors and color combinations are so sweet, and the felt texture is really nice. With the decorative holiday seasons upon us, I am sure you will want to check them out. See my first DIY project below, which is entirely thanks to my craftsman dad, who whipped this simple activity gym up for Louise in no time.

So to keep things positive and supportive, I am happy to just share in some of the good that is surrounding me. If you too have anything that is making you feel good in a world of unraveling chaos, then please, do me a favor and share!

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