a letter to louise


Seeing as today marks my first day back to work after an awesomely extended maternity leave, I want to share with you a letter, just like I did for your brother Harry.

Simply put, you are the nicest. You are just happy to be with the gang. You don’t mind being toted around to whatever we’re doing, and you let me put your entire cheek in my mouth a good fifteen times a day. You only get mad for the right reasons (tired or hangry), and so far, don’t seem to have any finicky quirks. You smile so effortlessly and vibrantly, and your eyes are the best things I’ve ever seen. You so go with the flow and are so willing to take whatever comes your way, which primarily includes a two-year-old crawling into your carseat to give you a hug.

I wanted a daughter so bad, so so bad, and you are delivering on that for me every.single.day. I cried with such joyful relief when we found out you were you; I cried with such immense love when you were delivered; I cried during one of our first (of many) late night feedings when you looked me just square in the eyes. Lil mama, I really like you.

You round out this family perfectly. I felt very off kilter for longer than I would have liked when you arrived, but even in my most overwhelmed moments, I loved to steal away with you and have you to myself. Those moments of quiet together are what makes all this work worth it.

So keep being you, Weez. I have a feeling we’re all going to get the biggest kick out of you.


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