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Today I wanted to take a quick second and share a new blog with you.

My dear friend and coworker Mindy has crossed over to the dark side and recently launched her own local adventure blog GO THERE. TRY THAT.

GO THERE. TRY THAT. will feature eateries, coffee shops, mini-adventures, and everything in between. Mindy has the coolest, most spunky, open-minded personality, so I know it is going to be super enjoyable to follow along as she chronicles her experiences. She’s a total go-getter and celebrator of all that life as to offer, so if you are a fan of the OUT posts here, then you will definitely want to add GO THERE. TRY THAT. to your reader. Mindy’s perspective and interest in the going ons around the Queen City will make you equally as excited to go out and try it all. I’m so looking forward to it.

And while she just started, she’s already got posts up featuring Gomez Salsa, Macaron Bar, and 21c. A lady after my own heart. Check her out!

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