21c, 21c Spa, and Metropole

Talk about a stay.ca.tion.

For my mom’s 60th birthday, we (plus her two sisters) checked into 21c for a completely all-in in-house staycation where we did – and could do – all.the.things. We doubled down on double treatments at the spa, checked into the suite where we could leisure away our afternoon with drinks and snacks and hanging, and then ultimately just headed downstairs for a fantastically long and luxurious dinner at Metropole. It truly couldn’t have been better.

First up, treatments at the spa…

We all sprung for both The Hydrating Glow Facial and The Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. At this point, I’ve experienced a prenatal massage, couples massage (Swedish), and now these two. Each service was as good as it could possibly have been, however I was particularly impressed this time around. For one, the facial was so relaxing. Like of course my gal was going to work hydrating me like whoa, but she was also working all my tension points – between my forehead, jaw, and shoulders – and I feel like it just set me so right. Relaxation with benefits.

The Salt Stone massage was also a surprisingly awesome one. Between the heat and pressure of the stones, I found myself just drifting off into la la land in the best of most comfortable ways. Even just recalling this while typing, I can literally feel my shoulders drop out of the memory of relaxing. I’d easily seek this one out again.

Then after my mom and I wrapped up our back-to-back treatments, we settled into the top floor corner suite to hang for a while before my aunts went off to enjoy the same. I sprung for a Rhined charcuterie board and bottle of petnat because of course there is no better. Together we all just kicked back, opened gifts, and laughed and swapped stories all the livelong day. It was so nice. So so nice.

After the afternoon hanging, we got ourselves ready to simply head downstairs to dine at Metropole. You all should know by now how I feel about Metropole, but once again without a doubt, it was impressive, spot-hitting, indulgent, and awesome. We were completely attended to, completely spoiled, and completely treated to an amazing dinner and evening. I will forever and always be a fan. Metropole is totally badass.

In the end, this was such a great way to celebrate a great occasion. And I can’t help but find myself wanting to say that this wasn’t a call of all COVID things considered. Like, we didn’t decide to do this because we didn’t have other options. We decided to do this because this was an awesome thing to do. Global pandemic or not, staycations are an incredible option when you just want to spend good quality time doing good quality things. And 21c and all it offers will always – and should always – be an amazing thing to consider. I look forward to doing this again and again and again…

Thanks 21c Cincinnati for your hospitality and special treatment – you all definitely made this feel fun given the occasion!

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