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March 2019

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    you are more than enough

    Definitely needed this. I’ve got this friend (sup Lindsey) who I both work and work out with. And last week, at the tail end of what were, to put it mildly, two pretty difficult…

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    easy snacking with Autumn Glory apples

    You guys know me. I am no culinary genius. I shouldn’t even be considered culinary adequate. I’m basically culinary inept. But I definitely have a teeny tiny arsenal of oh-even-I-can-do-thats, especially when it comes…

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    somm III screening + food & wine tasting

    Okay, how awesome does this sound? The greatest French Burgundies or the world’s best Pinot Noirs? In the third installment of the “Somm” documentary film series, next-gen experts complete a secret blind tasting in…

  • out

    out at branch

    Branch shot to the top of my list when I saw it included on this list. Located on the corner of Madison and Woodburn in the East Walnut Hills neighborhood in what was once…