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October 2017

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    It is Charleston Week on the blog because it was that good, there is that much, and there is no other way. As I quickly shared in my last post, I took off for…

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    pleated blues

    Taking off today for a long weekend in Charleston (to celebrate the marriage of two truly great people), but before I go, let’s talk about this blouse. I really dig this one because it…

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    checkered coat

    I just added this coat to my ever-growing collection, but it is like it has belonged to me for years. A black and white buffalo plaid checkered jacket is so in my wheelhouse it…

  • outfit

    black lace

    Heading into the weekend with a lace look for ya. And there are a couple of things I want to tell you about this pretty solid WAYF top. For one, the lace design is…