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May 2017

  • outfit

    orange dress + green vest

    My “anything but pants” crusade continues. It also appears my orange affair continues as well. Both are just so satisfying here as summer makes its debut. And with it I love being back to brights…

  • out

    out at 21c spa

    This experience both met and exceeded my expectations. What I am talking about (and what I alluded to on Instagram last weekend) was the Sunday day date that Kenny and I went on, which…

  • other

    cybex cloud q infant car seat

    I was obsessed last time, and I’m finding myself just as obsessed this time. I’m talking about non-eyesore baby products. Now this should go without saying, but I hope you understand that I am…

  • outfit


    One thing that may not be so short lived is my current devotion to dresses. But with the ever rising temps, and my ever expanding personal equator, it only makes sense. And while this has been…