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April 2017

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    all the giveaways

    I’ve been sitting on my Oprah joke for a week now, but it’s time to release “You get a giveaway! You get a giveaway! You get a giveaway? Everyone gets a giveaway!” But seriously,…

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    the barre code + giveaway

    As many of my friends have heard me say many a times, I don’t really believe in anything. But if I were to believe in something, I think number one would be tacos. Number…

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    becoming mom + giveaway

    Well this was a treat. Just a week or so ago, Preeti and I had an opportunity to be pampered at Becoming Mom, a pregnancy spa in Mason that specializes in taking care of…

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    moch socks

    Gotta quick post for you today to simply share a few pairs of socks. Why? Because they are crazy weird soft. I’m talking almost silky. Kenny and I were sent a few pairs of┬áMOCH…