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March 2017

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    the blues

    Because the spring season is on the horizon (despite what the thermostat reads), I am having some mad cravings for bright colors. Particularly of the blue and red variety. Case in point, this near…

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    I was listening to a podcast the other morning (Friends, did you know I listen to podcasts?) and I heard a simple pitch to share a favorite podcast with those who may not be listeners. I…

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    knit wit

    For the last few weeks, the local weather forecast had been calling for less and less sweaters, and I was growing more and more okay with that. But even though we haven’t had a super serious…

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    I feel like I might need to rebrand. I think I need to expand to OUT + OUTFIT + OH MAN I LOVE TO TAKE CARE OF MY SKIN NOW. Because I do…I do so…