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March 2017

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    show them shoulders

    I am still fully committed to the off the shoulder trend, especially because I find it to be a pretty universally flattering look. And while it’s a trend, I wouldn’t consider it crazy trendy. It came on…

  • outfit

    mule trend

    I’ve admitted many a time that shoes are not really my thing. But recently, I’ve been on a mad cyber stalk of mules, mules, and more mules. And while I can’t stop looking and…

  • out

    out at the aronoff for the illusionists

    Kenny and I had an opportunity to attend the opening night of The Illusionists, Live from Broadway at the Aronoff, a quick one that is only running through Sunday of this weekend. The show was one that…

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    another on the way

    I guess there is no other way of getting into it other than just getting into it. I am happy to share that we’ll be welcoming another little one to round out our family at the…