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February 2017

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    peeks + deets

    This February spring we’ve been having has been just plain glorious. And even if the temps were not flirting around the high sixties, I’d still be pulling off a top like this for a weekend night…

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    women in digital conference

    I am thrilled to share that I’ve been invited to speak on the Influencer Panel, alongside Sarah Dewald and Preeti Chaulk, at the first Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference being held on April 6th at…

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    feeling spring

    It is supposed to be in the sixties, maybe seventies, all week. That’s laughable, but not all that surprising. It’s not not surprising because that might be normal for February in Cincinnati. It’s not…

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    mahabis slippers

    I used to think slippers were just a cute little accessory. But as someone who has been living in an 100-year-old house with almost all hardwood floors for years now, who no matter how many days…