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November 2016

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    new to fizworld

    While today is #givingtuesday, I am here to give you the inside scoop on a number of new products from my friends at fizworld, as well as tip you off on a major #fizgiving giveaway that…

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    holiday cards giveaway with paperless post

    I am the type who considers Thanksgiving to be Christmas kickoff. I do love and appreciate the holiday for what it is, and I value getting together with family to celebrate what is right and…

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    happy thanksgiving

    Hope each and every one of you is spending this day with all the good ones, doing nothing but the good stuff.…

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    reformation + sale alert

    I have an awesome hobby (not a habit) of splurging on a new formal dress for each new season. Last spring, it was this one. The spring before that, it was this one. And it really…