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October 2016

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    boca cadenza

    I hope I am not the first to tell you about Boca Cadenza. If I am, I fear I won’t be able to do it sweet, sweet justice, so check out this promotional video to…

  • outfit

    sweater jacket + a giveaway

    You know how when you go shopping for something specific in mind, you never find it? But when you go shopping with no real agenda, you end up buying one of everything? That’s precisely…

  • other

    soothe in-home massage

    After this one, I might need to be knocked down a peg. Guess what Kenny and I did this past Sunday? Had a licensed massage therapist come to our house, set up shop in our bedroom,…

  • outfit

    blanket wrap

    I have been wearing this sweater for months and I’ll be wearing it for months and months to come. This was actually my first Kit + Ace piece and I’ll forever consider it the…