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January 2016

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    jonathan mezibov

    What is more classic than a button down shirt? Name one thing that is more important than a perfect white button down in your closet? Exactly. Enter Jonathan Mezibov. Mezibov is a local fine tailor…

  • out

    out at ché

    I had an opportunity to check out Ché, a brand new Argentinian restaurant in OTR during its opening weekend, and I wrote a review for City Beat, so you might as well just bounce on over…

  • outfit

    day moves

    Typically, black is solely a night move and not one that I like to do for day. But this past weekend, with no plans in particular, I was totally in the mood. And I…

  • outfit

    colorblock blanket scarf

    I thought I was super over scarves until I stumbled upon this one and realized I could basically wear it as a top itself, and not just as a wrapped accent. And with that I’m back…