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December 2015

  • outfit

    an outfit lookback

    It was a big year for outfits. While my body went through the biggest of changes, I see that I maintained a new sense of taste that I look forward to seeing evolve in…

  • out

    best outs of 2015

    What a year of eating and outing. It is always personally fun to look back at all that went on, but in doing so, I realized I had one heck of an out year. I…

  • other

    cincinnati refined feature

    Well this is cool! I was working on a round up last night for today’s post, when I caught myself in a round up on Cincinnati Refined. Cincinnati Refined is one of my favorite sites…

  • out

    out at krohn’s conservatory

    Right after Thanksgiving, I was all drunk on Christmas and I proclaimed that I wanted to do at least one super fun holiday thing a week to get into the spirit. When Kenny asked…