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August 2015

  • outfit

    stepping out

    It is Monday but every day is Saturday for me right now so why not post a serious rager outfit? A couple of notes about this one. First, I was super excited to don…

  • outfit

    striped dress

    Last week’s outfit posts followed a theme (maternity). Looks like this week’s also had a theme (stripes). But this dress is as easy as they come. The shift cut allows for it to hang easily…

  • outfit

    striped tee

    We’ve talked about this before, but I’m not a big cotton t-shirt wearer. However, I picked up this striped number from Gap a few weeks ago and I may or may not have worn it every day…

  • outfit

    a short story

    Today is my last post in the short-lived and unplanned series of “maternity things I like to wear when I’m not pregnant.” These shorts. I bought them when I was newly pregnant thinking I’m a…