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March 2015

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    still layering

    Dropping off a quick post while I’m away on #springbreak. And while I headed south for some nicer weather, it is not quite spring/summer yet, with temperatures in the low fifties. No complaints here though because that is…

  • other

    spring in my shorts

    On spring break eve eve, I’m celebrating with shorts. And like my mother always taught me, when you find something you like, you buy it twice. Which is why I invested in both this floral pair…

  • out

    out at terry’s turf club

    Terry’s Turf Club is obviously known for their burgers but I haven’t had one in years. Kenny and I are lucky enough to live just down the street from Terry’s and when the weather is nice, it…

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    a blog to know

    Today I wanted to take a quick second and share a new blog with you. My dear friend and coworker Mindy has crossed over to the dark side and recently launched her own local adventure…