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March 2014

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    my favorite

    This is hands down my favorite look from Saks.  A printed silk blouse with billowy arms always wins, it’s just so beautiful, so feminine.  But we really need to talk about these jeans.  I…

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    more blue magic

    In honor of UK playing tonight in the Sweet 16, I’m bringing you this little cutie who was spotted in the cutest blue dress last weekend.  Kenzie Meyer (fun fact, used to babysit her)…

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    CS Gems two ways

    Today I am excited to feature a super cool piece from CS Gems.  CS Gems is an Etsy shop that specializes in handpicked vintage and vintage inspired repurposed jewelry, offered at incredible prices.  I…

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    pretty pony boutique apparel launch

    Pretty Pony Boutique is no stranger around these parts and recently the sisters behind the baubles (Cassie and Mandie) hosted an open house to launch their new apparel line.  What can I say?  Everything…