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January 2014

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    following their lead

    This look was plagiarized from two different sources.  First the white blouse and fur vest stemmed from an episode of Courtney Loves Dallas where Court and friends visited the Prada Marfa museum, and best bud…

  • outfit

    bien fait

    Both Jess and I have zero morals when it comes to Madewell.  In fact, every outfit Jess has been featured in this week has been Madewell.  I am not surprised.  We love it.  And…

  • outfit

    another day another combination

    I am finding that there are endless ways to wear this red plaid (remember? remember? remember?) and here’s one more.  Last week it was paired with a black and white blazer, an outfit that…

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    leather detail

    If Atlantic-Pacific is the queen of wearing a dress as a skirt, Jess is the queen of finding something classic with an edge or twist.  Like this dress.  A flattering grey shift, which is…