January 16, 2020

I’ve recently been introduced to Maelove, a relatively new start up that aims to make elite quality skincare products that are affordable and accessible to one and all. With sleek and minimalist branding, representative of their simple and straightforwardly honest products, Maelove is doing their part to put the love in one’s skincare ritual regime.

While offering individual products, Maelove also offers kits, like trios of serums and winter skin rescue systems. I was invited to try one and I opted for the Creams Trio Set, which includes The One Cream, The Night Renewer, and the Eye Enhancer. I am pretty religious when it comes to an eye cream, night cream, and day cream, therefore this seemed like the perfect fit for me. And I was right.

The first notable mention goes to the The Eye Enhancer. I once got a pro tip from my girl Lacey at Sephora about applying a bit of eye cream before applying concealer, and I’ve been doing it ever since. So because of that, I pretty much apply eye cream twice a day (once in the morning before makeup, and once at night after washing). And what I like about this one is that it is extremely dewy, like not creamy at all. While I do like a cream-eye cream, I have to share that overall I like moisturizes that are, for lack of a better description, very wet, and this one fits that bill. Plus, it soaks in rather quickly and doesn’t leave my under-eyes feeling sticky so I can continue right on with my day or night.

The second most notable mention is actually an extra that got included in my trial – the Love 31 face oil. I absolutely love face oils. I am prone to dry skin in general, therefore incorporating oils into my routine has become a favorite essential of mine. And just like the eye cream, I have started applying both before and after makeup, just to help everything be as deeply moisturized as possible. This Love one, as well as the Nia 10 Calming Serum that was also generously included, have been what I’ve been bouncing between both morning and night. They too just feel good and do a solid job settling into my skin.

I do seriously dig this stuff…

Now on top of these two favorites, there is also The Night Renewer Cream and The One Cream worth talking about. The Night Renewer is a glycolic acid cream so it tingles and just barely burns oh so good. I don’t use it every night, as I like to rotate, but I’ve been enjoying it when I do.

And then the One Cream is solid in that it requires very little to go a very long way. In fact, when I first tried it, I went for my usual dollop, but there was so much on my face I actually thought I mistook it for face wash. But then upon trying again, I got the humblest of swipes and worked it all in, therefore I feel like this is one that is both good in product and good in value because the tub is going to seriously last.

In the end, I can honestly say I’m into Maelove. Their products are pretty in packaging, noticeable in quality, and effective in use. I’m sticking with the stuff for the foreseeable future, and with that, I’d encourage you to give them a try. I believe you’ll honestly be pleased.

Product and post sponsored by Maelove, but know that my words are completely honest and completely my own.


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