July 6, 2020

Dusting off the blog cobwebs here in order to come back with a good old fashion outfit post. And what better way to reenter the OUTFIT side of OUT + OUTFIT than with a breezy beauty from my friend’s newly opened boutique, Capsule.

I honestly didn’t see this dress coming, even though I had been tipped off about it. The fun thing about being friends with a boutique owner who totally gets you is that you get side texts when there are particularly good pieces arriving. Thus is the story of this dress. Yet, I went into the store that afternoon with the mindset that I would just be all dressed up with nowhere to go, however after slipping it on “just for fun” I was convinced that it didn’t matter if and when the fun would come because this dress just needs to come home no matter what.

It is flattering, it is comfortable, it is subtle in its print, it has interesting detail, and it is just going to be a good one to have and hold on to. And then let me say this – Maura at Capsule sincerely knows what she is doing. And I mean that she just gets style. I feel like she just innately knows how to dress you. There were things in my dressing room that I of course loved but am not sure I would have picked up completely on my own. And like this dress, I don’t know if I would have tried it because I’ve been growing into “not really a dress girl” but here I am with my second maxi from Capsule and I’m not looking back.

It is all so good, all the way around. Get yourself this dress and get yourself to Capsule.

FRNCH dress currently at Capsule


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January 14, 2020

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January 7, 2020