wrap tie top

Before all the OUT+OUTFIT outfits take a turn towards the sweaters, I want to sneak in one last warmer-weather top that I got in the eleventh hour of summer because it hits on everything I’ve been loving.

For one, it has shoulder ties, and exaggerated ones at that. I am moth to a flame for tie shoulders because they are just so simply adorable. I’ll never not be drawn to them. For two, it is a wrap top, with an additional side tie detail, one that is exaggerated as well. I initially was not sure of that third bow there, but the second I tied it up, the second I realized its perfectness. And for three, it is on the crop-side, which isn’t necessarily my jam, but it hit my high-waisted favs perfectly for that polished tucked look, a look that I am all in on.

So even though I am looking forward to all the sweaters and layers and jackets, a tie-shoulder top as cute as this one does make me sad to see the summer go.

Keepsake top | Mother Denim from Idlewild Woman

images by Annie Jagoditz

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