I might be the only person who would still be down for graphic tee weather over sweater weather right now.

And I get it, the four days of fall are really fun, but after fall comes winter and I do go into that season pretty begrudgingly, with heels dragging in the ground. It is fine, and I am working on it, but man am I just so much happier and motivated when it is nice and warm and the sun stays up and out for hours and hours…

But alas, we’re here, and I am on a pursuit of positivity, so let me do me while also addressing what is about to be. Showing off a graphic tee right now might seem like a mute point, but it’s not because I personally don’t think these puppies are going anywhere, even as the temps dip. If and when it is necessary, I will drape a moto jacket over my shoulders with this one, with this exact look probably, or I’ll pair with a cardigan and skirt and kicks per usual still, or I’ll try this one under a fitted blazer because that too is cool. So yes, here it is, a graphic tee with bare arms, but a graphic tee that isn’t going anywhere, despite the seasons that are coming whether I like it or not.

And then final quick plug – this is a Sol Angeles tee, which has quickly and easily become my favorite graphic tee brand. They’re simply the best, with thick quality and a whole bout of #feminist phrases, so I am going to keep buying what they’re selling. This is the fourth in my collection.

Sol Angeles tee (totally marked down) | Mother denim (comparable style) | Madewell bag | Celine shades | Converse

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