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If this blog has introduced me to anything, it is that there are tons of beauty services out there to explore.

While my eyelashes are my number one treat and commitment, I am also now very into experiencing good hair treatments and proper eyebrow care. With that in mind, I jumped at the opportunity to check out some services at Urban Salon, a Valenti new talent salon located in Anderson Township. Urban Salon’s new talent concept is a place for emerging stylists to work and build up their books before moving onto Valenti, an Aveda salon. It is at Urban Salon where I was treated to a conditioner and blowout treatment, as well as a brow waxing and tinting. I assumed this experience would be like other salon experiences but I was very wrong.

While the list of services available at Urban Salon is long, I initially went in for an eyebrow treatment. Knowing how to maintain and make up my eyebrows has been the next phase of my take-care-of-your-money-maker commitment. I must admit that I’ve only recently started brushing and filling them in, but now that I am caring for my brows, I’ve realized the few I have are pretty blonde. When I saw that tinting and waxing was an option, I knew I had to try it. The tinting was a simple and painless process and the color should last for up to four weeks. I also didn’t find the color or tinting of my brows to be as jarring as I would have assumed. I understand the shock and awe sense that can come with suddenly rocking a bold brow, but I personally just felt polished post tint. So like my eyelashes, I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty into maintaining this habit.

Now my eyebrow manicuring was only one part of a whole treat and treatment. The tinting occurred in between a hair wash and conditioning treatment, and during that, I was treated to a delicious scalp massage. This whole process felt so good that I was pretty sure I wanted to fall asleep. And right as I was allowing myself to be soothed into unconsciousness, my girl Paige (who happened to be a total doll and a former student of mine) asked if I’d like a complimentary mini facial. Mini facial, post scalp massage, post eyebrow waxing and tinting? They know I’m Kate Holocher, not Kate Middleton right?

The facial was simply delicious, relaxing, and a perfect calming compliment to go with the already satisfying hair treatment. At this point I hadn’t even left the wash bowl and I already felt spoiled. But when this was all said and done, we went onto the blowout, where I opted to just go straight. I’ve experienced good curled blowouts before, so I wanted to see my ‘do be as simple as could be. Paige delivered while also schooling me on how it might be impossible for me to ever get my blonde hair the white-blonde that I want. (My only option would be to try and bleach it all but at a risk of having to cut some damage. Pass.)

Finally, after everything that already felt like vacation, Paige offered a complimentary makeup touch up. I once again enthusiastically took her up on the offer and sauntered over towards the counter. Here I got some tinted moisturizer, blush, and a subtle lip to walk out with. After my touch up was completed, I realized I received a brow tinting and waxing, as well as a conditioner treatment and blowout, while also being treated to the standard complimentary series of scalp massage, mini facial, and makeup touch up. Urban Salon, are you joking me?

I walked out of there feeling fresh and pampered, with a clean head of hair and properly treated brows. Paige and Urban Salon, you’ve got a good thing going on. I’m looking forward to coming back.

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