plaid + statement necklaceListen.  I know this outfit concept is nothing new and I know it’s rather wintry given that the weather over here is finally breaking (except did I just hear chance of snow flurries tomorrow?  I can’t…) but hear me out.  When I introduced this dress before, I mentioned how much I liked to layer it.  I have a ROY G BIV collection of button downs, spanning solids and stripes, polka dots and plaids.  Therefore it was a no brainer to put this look together for work one morning.  And I’m not going to lie, I wore this the day we had parent-teacher conferences and loved it because it felt so cliché-ly teachery.  I like to do that.

So I’m with you.  I hope to pack this dress and plaid up until next time, but I wanted to show that swapping out a shirt and statement necklace with a staple dress and boots can be the simple difference that makes something feel new and different.  I like to do that too.

IMG_5685-1plaid + statement necklace IMG_5678-1 plaid + statement necklaceZara top (similar here and here) | Madewell dress (obsessed with this one) | Pretty Pony Boutique necklace c/o | Frye boots

Want the spring version?  Try this blouse with this dress and this necklace

images by Jenn Mercer

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