I was listening to a podcast the other morning (Friends, did you know I listen to podcasts?) and I heard a simple pitch to share a favorite podcast with those who may not be listeners. I continued to catch the ad at the end of nearly every other podcast I frequented, and while I generally begin every conversation with “So I was listening to this podcast…” I’ve also been itching to share some really good ones recently on either this or another social platform. With those feelings, plus this month’s #trypod campaign hitting the podcast airwaves, I knew it was the perfect time to get into my love of all things podcasts.

Now I am going to operate under the assumption that you are familiar with what podcasts are and you know how to listen to them. If this is at all news to you and you are interested in getting yourself set up and acclimated, drop me a line and I’ll walk you through how to do so (they’re too good not to).

Other than that, here are favorites.

First, On The Media. I discovered this one when Radio Lab did a feature on their five-part poverty series. I went over and caught all of those (which taught me so so much) and have been a subscriber ever since. This is the most political podcast that I listen to, and it is the one I appreciate the most. While it addresses the weekly chaos that continues to spew from this administration, it doesn’t just confirm my already passionate opinions, which as an intelligent consumer of news and as an increasingly frustrated social contributor, I know is important.

And then when it comes to the ones that I value because they help shape my world view, I tune into these: Invisibilia, This American Life, The Moth, Dear SugarBeautiful AnonymousScience Vs, and Revisionist History. All of these open my eyes to different views and viewpoints, angles and experiences, situations and scenarios. And all of them are done really really well.

When I want to laugh there’s Mortified Nation. There’s also a documentary (not sure which came first there but it too is super good). This is one of people reading from their childhood diaries in front of an audience. Gringo of the Year made me hyperventilate.

Finally, I am going to throw my weight on the bandwagon that is the number one ranked Missing Richard Simmons. I kept seeing this one and I didn’t think I’d care about it, but it is actually an extremely interesting and heartwarming endeavor and I’m totally sucked in.

Podcasts are now the reason that I run up nearly 95 percent of my data package by the end of every month because I love letting them run in the car, while I’m out for a walk, while I’m meal prepping or cleaning or showering. They’ve all but replaced my music listening (although when in the mood, it’s Hamilton) but simply put, they give me things of value to talk about. I’m no longer just relishing in the fluff of life, but rather walking around and connecting the dots of the experiences and viewpoints that craft and mold my own.

So with that, I would LOVE recommendations. I am always down for adding more to my queue, but know that I particularly lean towards the investigative reporting / human interest / storytelling variety. I’ve found I don’t particularly like interviews or reviews or seemingly-hilarious banter between two. I can handle some, but there needs to be an ultimate point.

Okay, so take a listen for yourself, consider the #trypod this month, and let me know if there are any I need not miss!

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