Madewell jacket with skirtSeptember is weird. It is still blazing hot but the tank tops and sundresses need to be gone. What to do, what to do?

And before during this time, I would only see my closet as two separate tundras – the hot stuff and the cold stuff. However now, I am embracing (and quite frankly digging) the challenge of bringing the two together and not assuming one has to be one or the other. I have found that I really like pulling out things that were typically only reserved for winter and making them work for now. Like this oldie-but-goodie wool skirt. Before my bare legs never once grazed the lining. Now I am comfortable (temperature-wise) as well as feeling fall appropriate.

I am also loving the jean jacket as a top itself. I have been desperate to make this look work and I think I finally figured it out by pairing it with the skirt and some kicks. I am ready for some day plans in this get up.

Madewell jacket with skirt and kicksMadewell denim with orange skirt buttoned up Madewell jacketMadewell jacket with kicksMadewell jean jacket | J.Crew Factory skirt (same skirt, different color or different skirt, same color) | J.Crew tennies (get the classics) | Kate Spade crossbody (check out some other nude options here, here, and if you are super rich, here)

images by Annie Jagoditz

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  • Reply Natalie September 10, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Love this look! And I love the denim jacket as a top thing! It’s my go-to when I: a) need to do laundry and b) want a look that’s effortless and cool at the same time.

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