this sweater

Weird relationship with this sweater.

While scrolling Zara, I found it paired with a silk skirt in the exact same color and I bought the whole outfit. I was super excited about it because it felt like something I would want to wear this holiday season. Then when it showed up not two days later (because Zara is great like that), I put it on and with one look in the mirror said return. The whole thing together was just not right on me.

And then because it didn’t work with the skirt, I figured I’d have no interest in the sweater itself. It was not that I didn’t like it, it just seemed like something that was no big deal unless it worked with a whole skirt-look I was going for. So I sat on it, and in the end when I realized it would be the only thing I’d be returning from that particular haul, I just thought screw it, I’ll keep it and see what happens.

So what happened? I put it on with jeans one morning and basically haven’t taken it off since. It has immediately become one of my coziest favorites. Weird how things like that happen.

Zara sweater | Mother denim | Jack Rogers sneakers | Madewell strap added to bag (no longer available but similar splurge here)

images by Annie Jagoditz

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