thirsty third thursday craft club

The idea started as a book club (with wine). But then we admitted that we probably would not read the books (but we’d drink wine). So it was just going to be a wine club. But then we admitted that we wanted to do crafts (with wine). And Thirsty Third Thursday Craft Club was born.

Thirsty Third Thursday Craft Club will meet every third Thursday. We’ll exchange and enjoy wine while dabbling in different crafts. We’ll take turns hosting, and the host will pick and supply the craft. Easy and exciting enough, right?

Our January host was the one-and-only Maura, who completely and utterly outdid herself. There are people who can host a party, then there are people who can host. a. party. Maura is one of those people, one who can turn clay bead necklace making into an event. And that’s because she thought of everything – the sweets, the treats, the bites, the sips, the craft, the garland accents, the calligraphy, the inspiration – I mean, she left no place setting unturned. It was awesome.

So for her Thursday, we spent time crafting clay into different shapes, arrangements, and colors. While some advanced sculpture students (cough Anne cough Maura) worked progressively with geometric designs, I sat there rolling a lot of clay into beads of different sized circles. That was all I was good for. But I walked out with twice as many necklaces so I think we know who won.

Can’t wait to show my creations off.

sketch box decor maura's sketch page bruschetta bar pears tools crafts necklace idea clay for beads paint bead makingThanks Maura for getting the club started right! 

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