the weekend

What a weekend. I am going to run you through the highlights by working backwards and starting with Sunday.

Kenny and our friend Chris (remember this post?) competed in the American Triple T Ohio, which is three triathlons done over the span of two days, totaling the distance of a full ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run). These two are animals. They not only competed for a total of 13 hours and 40 minutes between the two days, and had to camp out as lodging, but they battled their entire first day in the rain, and biked and ran courses that were filled with nothing but twists, turns, and hills. Insanity. But it was a bucket list goal for both and they did it, which is absolutely incredible.

ohio triathlon wetsuit triathlon race shoes KennyNow the day before, I got to spend time with my dearest friend Jess, who is also expecting her first this fall. I’ll be honest, when she told me she was pregnant, I burst into tears because it was such wonderful news for me. It is just so awesome already knowing my babe’s future bff or spouse.

jess and katieAnd finally, which was actually first, my Friday was spent with my parents coming over to help with a number of house projects. Finding out we were expecting has been quite the impetus to take care of some much needed taking care of with the old abode. And I think they call it nesting, but for the last few months it has very much been out with the old, and in with the redo-everything-from-the-ground-up new. We’ve already done so much (I’m talking knocking down walls, re-painting, re-staining, re-carpeting, etc.), and there are like, two little projects to tackle before we’re ready to receive the new boss. I have plans to share the total makeover once it is complete, but I did want to include a little taste of the progress that’s since been made because it is already lightyears ahead of where we started….

chairs lights table light fixture(I can’t wait to share it all, especially because there is some much needed bragging to be had (like for the dining room table that my dad handmade us…) so stay tuned!).

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    LOVE that white dress on you!

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