the lash boutique

Jamie Hils has created a monster. A big, beautiful, eyelash batting monster.

Jamie is the owner and licensed Novalash stylist behind The Lash Boutique, Northern Kentucky’s only eyelash extension salon (located quite conveniently inside Pretty Pony Boutique). She must have somehow read my diary because she reached out to see if I had any interest in trying out a set of eyelash extensions. I replied that if I were stranded on a desert island, two of my three items would be eye liner and mascara because eyes are all I care about. I was booked for an appointment not a week later.

I was beyond excited by the prospect and investment in a set of eyelash extensions. Jamie is as sweet and smiley as can be, and once I was up, we got right down to business. She shared with me the process that each lash would be individually applied and then asked what kind of look I liked. I shared that I like my lashes just a hair shy of drag queen standard, and with that, she got right to work.

The Lash Boutique applicationThe process did take an hour plus, but it was an easy and relaxing hour for me! Cool music played overhead, and Jamie methodically worked with focus and attention. I apologized for nearly nodding off a few times but she said that happens all the time. With that, I drifted right back into my quiet me-time happy hour and awaited the glorious results.

The Last Boutique individual application

The Lash Boutique lashesOh, yes, momma.

The Lash Boutique finishOh, yes yes momma.

The Lash Boutique before and afterThe before and after should speak for itself. The stickers underneath my eyes were there to protect my lower lashes from being glued to the top, but I think they also help you really see the difference. I mean, that is one serious lash sleeping beauty.

After the initial application of the full set, the lashes can be maintained every two to four weeks, where those that have naturally fallen out, or any that are loose, are reapplied and filled back in. So once they’re on, they last as long as they can be maintained. Jaime, meet your newest life customer.

Lash BoutiqueThe lashes are light, unnoticeable, and feel like such a worthwhile investment. With all that we gals do to feel good about being confident bombshells, I know having lashes like these is for sure going to be my treat to my inner diva self.

So if you are like me and have been thinking that a fresh set of serious lashes sound like an awesome idea, check out Jamie and The Lash Boutique. I was ecstatic with the initial offer and even more happy with the results. It feels pretty awesome to feel pretty, even when I have nothing on.

Thanks Jamie for the opportunity to experience Novalash and to brag on you big time!

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  • Reply Gina July 27, 2016 at 9:23 am

    Would love to see a photo with your eyes open to see what it looks like. Did she apply mascara? It looks like the lashes have mascara on them. I can see some flaky bits that might get in your eye. I have a severe sensitivity to mascaras and can only wear two kinds that don’t irritate. Lots of questions as I have been on the fence wanting to try these for nearly two years but have been too afraid…will it damage my natural lashes, if you rub your eyes in your sleep will they all fall out and take natural lashes with them, are the products they use hyper-allergenic, etc. Please post an update after you have had them for a while. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Reply outandoutfit July 27, 2016 at 10:03 pm

      Hey Gina! You’ve got a ton of legitimate questions, and while I can’t answer them all just yet, I can definitely fill you in on some now and report back later!

      For one, the lashes are that black – no mascara. In fact, Jamie encouraged me to not use any at all. As far as bits and flakes go, I have had nothing irritating in my eye so far from the lashes themselves. I did have some irritation the day or two after the application, but it was on the underside of my eye and I believe it was either the glue or part of the stickers used to separate my bottom lashes (and it is something I am going to talk to Jamie about when I go back for refills. A few have fallen out here and there, but that is completely natural as my natural lashes would have done so as well.

      I do not know about damaging natural lashes, but I can’t imagine that they do, as lashes have a 30 to 45 day life cycle anyway, and these extension are simply applied to the natural lash (hence why some are already gone).

      I haven’t had any issues with rubbing my eyes in the middle of the night, although Jamie did say to avoid sleeping on them. I used to like to sleep with either a pillow or arm over my eyes, so I have stopped doing that just in case.

      Finally, not sure about the hyper-allergenic part, but I am sure Jamie could fill you in on those questions!

      But I would like to report – so far, so good!

      Thanks for following along, and if you’d eye an open eye shot, head over to Instagram (@outandoutfit) to see my picture for the post!

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